All about levels …

As we have now the gameplay basics ready it is about creating content and linking levels.

tatatataaa ! SINGLETON was introduced …

To save some states between the level a “gamemanager” singleton was introduced that

keeps track of the highscore and some other information.

And also 3 levels have been created with different kind of blocks.

There are now prefab (template) blocks in different colours. Ok this is obvious 🙂

Also there are blocks that can be hit only once, and blocks that can be hit up to 3 times until

they break. The condition of the block (1-hit, 2 hit, …) is indicated by special sprites out of

a sprite sheet showing fractured blocks.

And also an “unbreakable” block is also available now …

So progress is made, you can test it by yourself here!

Stay tuned for the next update!

First Prototype is online

Today I’m happy to announce that the first playable prototype for IOS was finished.

The Prototype has some neat background “music” and other sound effects. It features also the basic game mechanic, including a games score counter. Next steps will be to get some menus in place 😉



If you also want to get an impression on the game in this very early stage, you can try the

WebGL-version … however the UI-Texts are not in the right place: