All about levels …

As we have now the gameplay basics ready it is about creating content and linking levels.

tatatataaa ! SINGLETON was introduced …

To save some states between the level a “gamemanager” singleton was introduced that

keeps track of the highscore and some other information.

And also 3 levels have been created with different kind of blocks.

There are now prefab (template) blocks in different colours. Ok this is obvious 🙂

Also there are blocks that can be hit only once, and blocks that can be hit up to 3 times until

they break. The condition of the block (1-hit, 2 hit, …) is indicated by special sprites out of

a sprite sheet showing fractured blocks.

And also an “unbreakable” block is also available now …

So progress is made, you can test it by yourself here!

Stay tuned for the next update!

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