How things started …

July 2018

Out of curiosity I started to make my first steps by creating my first game.
I didn’t have much experience with making games then, but I loved playing them.
So I started first with OpenGL and C++ to make my first steps into the world of game development. However it seems I was not going near to a game because I was just lost in the dept of game engine design 🙂
After a wile I thought about using an existing game engine. However I was not convinced since I wanted to learn everything from scratch …
I installed the Unreal Engine (beast) and I was overwhelmed by the wast amount of features and possibility the engine provides.
So where to start there ?
I got on to find a good course to start …
Then by accident I found a very good course by Ben Tristem teaching the Unity 3D Engine … and I liked it very much …
so I started to learn Unity 3D instead of Unreal Engine.

Dezember 2018

After some time of watching Ben Tristem’s online course and fiddling around with Unity 3D my first game was ready. I released it on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. I was so proud 😉

you can find Bitanoid it here:

January 2019

Out of curiosity and love to games I founded my own development studio Bitmutation e.U.
But also the law in Austria, where I live, somehow requires you to create your
own kind of legal entity … mostly because of taxes